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Explore thousands of licensed articles across dozens of topics. Publish instantly and use to engage your audience across all channels.

Fill your ecommerce blog with engaging content.

Transform your business into a trusted friend and niche expert with instantly-publishable content from Matcha’s massive library of licensed content.

Use your content across all your channels to attract your audience back to your site, and drive new traffic with content promotions. Rapidly experiment with content topics to uncover what subjects matter most to your ICP.

  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Home & Family
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel & Outdoors

Why licensed content?

Did you know the average blog article takes 3 hours and 16 minutes to write? Small businesses rarely have that kind of time. That’s why licensed content is your secret weapon for effortlessly filling your blog with engaging articles. No writing, editing, or dealing with freelancers, and both your future and existing customers will love it. Plus, data shows licensed content is just as engaging as custom-written content.

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“Initially, I was a little skeptical about licensed content. But without it, we would’ve missed what’s become an incredibly valuable audience. Now, we can publish more content at a faster pace. It would be cost-prohibitive to do that without Matcha.”

Ryan Gaines

CEO, Everly

Affordable & Fast

Licensed content costs 86% less than hiring an agency or freelancer and can be published in seconds.

Search Engine Friendly

Canonical tags in licensed content assures search engines that your content is legally licensed, so that there is no negative SEO impact!

Professional Grade

Our library only has articles written by the highest-quality, premium publishers.

Publish to your blog in two clicks with Matcha

Publish to your blog in just two clicks.

Integrations with WordPress and Shopify make publishing professional articles to your blog fast and easy.

“I can dive in and, 10-15 minutes later, I have something published to our blog. It would probably take a week to get something back from other sources.” Kami York-Feirn, Marketing at Osprey Packs

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Customize articles to fit your brand.

Tweak titles, swap feature images, and insert branded blurbs and introductions. Make any licensed content fit your brand, audience, and message.

Fill your emails & social with great content.

Engage your email and social audiences with compelling content. Boost and promote content to new audiences to drive traffic and email subscribers at super low cost-per-click and cost-per-subscriber sign up.

See how online retailer, Campman, grew email revenue by 10x in less than a year with Matcha.

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Premium publishers, high-quality content.

Professionally written, edited, and formatted content from top-notch publishers, instantly publishable straight to your blog. Become a trusted source of content your audience wants.

Content library subscription

Increase publishing frequency with premium articles that inspire, entertain, and delight your audience. Customize and publish instantly to your blog. Have questions or need some guidance? Book a demo

Ramp up

Publish up to 3 articles/mo from the library.
Customize articles to fit your brand.
Includes all features of the Blog Creator.


Publish up to 10 articles/mo from the library.
Customize articles to fit your brand.
Includes all features of the Blog Creator.

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