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Automate your blog.

Grow your email list and site traffic effortlessly with a Matcha-powered blog.


Fill your blog with best-in-class content.

Instantly publish articles from Matcha’s massive library of licensed content. It’ll transform your blog from a content ghost town into an engaging destination overnight.

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Why licensed content?

It’s your secret weapon for effortlessly filling your blog with engaging articles. No writing, editing, or dealing with freelancers, and both your future and existing customers will love it.

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“Initially, I was a little skeptical about licensed content. But without it, we would’ve missed what’s become an incredibly valuable audience. We can publish more content at a faster pace. It would be cost-prohibitive to do that without Matcha.”

Ryan Gaines

CEO, Everly

& fast

Licensed content costs 75% less than custom articles and can be published in minutes.

Reach new audiences

Unparalleled breadth of content allows you to publish articles to engage a variety of audiences.

Professional grade

Our library only has articles written by the highest-quality, premium publishers.

Publish to your blog in just two clicks.

Integrations with WordPress and Shopify make publishing professional articles to your blog fast and easy.

“I can dive in, and 10 to 15 minutes later, I have something published to our blog. It would take a week to get something back from other sources.”
– Kami York-Feirn, Marketing at Osprey Packs

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Grow your audience.

Use Matcha content in Facebook and Instagram ads to attract new visitors and capture more email subscribers for 90% less than the industry average.  

Arm your emails with engaging articles.

Send emails that get your customers and newsletter subscribers to return to your site over and over again with Matcha content.

See how online retailer, Campman, grew email revenue by 10x in less than a year with Matcha.

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Convert more readers into email subscribers.

Grow your email list faster with intuitive email capture tools convert readers to subscribers 5x better than the industry average.

See how Ogden Made went from capturing 10 email subscribers per month to over 200!

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Understand and segment your email list like never before.

See your subscribers’ content engagement to help you understand what they care about and how to turn that interest into action. Push this data into your email marketing platform to automate targeted email flows.


Track your blog’s ROI and performance.

Clear, easy-to-understand analytics show results from your blog. Now, you can see how many readers, email subscribers, and sales come from each article.

“Matcha analytics is incredibly important for us to justify our spend.” Christy Raedeke, EVP of Global Marketing and Sales, 37.5 Technology.

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Plug into your stack in minutes.

Matcha works with the core technology in your marketing tech stack to power deeper insights and make publishing a snap.

  • Publish directly to your blog

    In only a few clicks, publish articles with our WordPress plugin. No need to wrangle with formatting, images, or text. Just choose your article from our content hub, click publish, and, viola, new articles are ready for your readers.

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  • Track how content influences purchases

    See how content influences purchases and drives revenue. Our Shopify integration connects sales with content consumption so you can understand which articles influence purchase decisions for various audiences.

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  • Fuel email marketing

    Our integration with MailChimp shows the impact of using blog posts, articles, and other forms of content marketing on email performance. Now you can know how content improves open and click-through rates for all of your email campaigns.

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  • See content performance on social

    With our Facebook integration, track social shares, comments, and likes from your social media efforts. Analyze overall social performance as well as results for each article to better understand your audience.

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