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Blog Creator

Connect your blog in seconds to create blog posts optimized for more engagement, subscribers, and sales. Measure your blog’s impact on store revenue with full-funnel analytics.

What's Included

Create high quality content.

Write and format new blog posts or update existing posts with Matcha’s conversion tools. Optimize for SEO, then publish straight to your blog.

Feature Shopify products and collections in blog posts.

Move your readers to a purchase by embedding dynamic product listings into your blog posts.

Add content to email and schedule to social.

Schedule posts to your Facebook Page, and easily embed beautiful content previews into your email campaigns.

Grow your email list with customizable forms.

Turn readers into subscribers with customizable forms. Create content exclusive to your brand's community.

Measure the impact of your content.

Make data-driven decisions for your content strategy with in-depth analytics, from traffic, engagement, and read time to influenced email subscribers and revenue.

Access Exclusive Resources.

Create more performant content and get inspired with educational resources by experts in content marketing.

Content library subscription

Increase publishing frequency with premium articles that inspire, entertain, and delight your audience. Customize and publish instantly to your blog. Have questions or need some guidance? Book a demo

Ramp up

Publish up to 3 articles/mo from the library.
Customize articles to fit your brand.
Includes all features of the Blog Creator.


Publish up to 10 articles/mo from the library.
Customize articles to fit your brand.
Includes all features of the Blog Creator.

What's Included

Thousands of articles from dozens of top publishers on topics your audience loves.

Instantly publish content that’s relevant to your audience. Publish from Popular Science, Oxygen Magazine, and more.

Customize articles to fit your brand.

Easily swap the feature image, change the title, and add custom blurbs to personalize articles for your brand. Add product features or subscriber forms to drive results.


Getting started is easy! Simply let us know you’re interested to learn more about how to use the Blog Creator and explore the library. We’ll set up a quick 30-minute demo to make sure Matcha is right for you.

On Shopify? You can trial all the features of the Blog Creator free for 7-days. Want to publish licensed content from the content library during this trial? When you click the “Publish” button on a piece of licensed content, you’ll be prompted to input your credit card information to upgrade your account before continuing. Questions? Reach out to our customer support team for assistance!

Absolutely not! Matcha integrates best with blogs hosted by Shopify or WordPress, but its features will work with almost any existing blog.

Matcha is an easy way to manage, create, optimize, and analyze your content, but any content created in Matcha and published to your blog will also live on your blog. Therefore, if you ever decide Matcha is not right for you, you will still have access to all of the content you created in Matcha (though you will lose any of your optimization features added to your blog posts!)

Because Matcha does not require a credit card for your free trial, you will not be charged at the end of your trial.

Any content that you created within Matcha and published to your blog will remain on your blog, though you will lose any product listings, subscriber forms, or other Matcha-specific elements that you embedded into your blog posts. You will also no longer have access to in progress “draft” content in your Matcha account.

If you log into Matcha after your trial has ended, you will not be able to access any of Matcha’s features or see your content analytics. Instead, you will see a paywall asking you to upgrade to either a Blog Creator subscription ($9/month) or a Library Subscription (starting at $49/month.)

After upgrading with a valid credit card, you will have immediate access again to your content data, blog post drafts, and all of Matcha’s features for the price tier you selected!

Your subscription will renew on a monthly basis until it is canceled.

Licensed content, sometimes called syndicated content, is content produced by a professional publisher that can be legally licensed for use on your own website with no SEO penalty. Learn more.

The Matcha library leverages licensed content to provide you with a low-cost supply of professionally written articles that are proven to be engaging. It eliminates the headache and time of producing your own blog articles, allowing you to get back to more pressing matters.

When we say, “professional publishers”, we mean it.  Currently, our library includes articles from the following publishers: Oxygen Magazine, Better Nutrition, Popular Science, Field & Stream, Coach, RootsRated, Business2Community, MoneyNing, YourMoneyGeek Working Mother, Clean Eating, and Healthy Moms Magazine.

Matcha offers a library of more than 12,000 articles with photography and written by high-quality third-party publishers. You can publish an article from the library to your blog in a matter of minutes.

In 2018 alone, our articles garnered 8.9 million website visits for our customers. The data shows that readers find the articles engaging and perform as well or better than custom articles. You can see the study here.

Every week, we are bringing in hundreds of new articles to our library. Our library publishers include: Oxygen Magazine, Better Nutrition, Popular Science, Field & Stream, Coach, RootsRated, Business2Community, MoneyNing, YourMoneyGeek Working Mother, Clean Eating, and Healthy Moms Magazine.

Hundreds of growing and established B2C and B2B brands use Matcha on their ecommerce site. Matcha is specifically built for companies that are selling on their website direct-to-consumer and will help you to grow and engage your audience. We work with companies in the outdoor & travel, food & beverage, CPG, home & family, beauty & fashion, apparel, fitness, and health & wellness industries, as well as with B2B businesses in the marketing industry. You can see more about our customers here

As long as you have a blog set up on your website, you can begin publishing to Matcha and making data-driven decisions with content analytics. We integrate directly with WordPress and Shopify to make publishing even faster, but a WordPress or Shopify blog is not required. 

If you don’t have a blog on your site, they’re typically easy to set up. Contact us to learn more.

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